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Bladder Leakage Quiz

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The level of burden that incontinence can have on your life can make a difference between just living with it and taking the steps necessary to put an end to it. Complete this short survey to receive your bladder leakage severity score.

  • Which best describes your situation?
  • How long has bladder leakage been an issue?
  • How frequently does the bladder leakage occur?
  • Please estimate how much urine usually leaks during an episode, whether protection is worn or not.
  • Using the scale below, tell us how much bladder leakage interferes with your regular life.
    (0=No Interference, 5=Moderate Interference, 10=Major Interference)
  • When does the bladder leakage occur? Please select all that apply.
  • If you or the person you care for was treated for prostate cancer, which treatment was received? Please select all that apply.
  • If a radical prostatectomy was performed, how long ago was it?
  • Select all treatments that have been tried to manage the bladder leakage.
  • How would the sufferer feel if their current urinary condition was permanent and not treatable?
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