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AdVance™ XP Male Sling System

The AdVance XP Male Sling is placed in the body and supports the urethra to help restore bladder control. Most patients (89.4%) have long-term success with the AdVance Male Sling.1

How it works

The AdVance XP Sling from Boston Scientific is designed to stop leakage by supporting the sphincter muscle. The sling is a strip of soft mesh placed inside the body. The AdVance XP Male Sling moves the sphincter back to its natural position to help restore bladder control. The AdVance XP Sling requires no action by the patient to function.


Features of the AdVance XP Sling

Designed to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI)2

  • Placed entirely inside the body, it is undetectable to others
  • High success achieved in patients with mild to moderate SUI3

  • Most patients are continent immediately following the procedure4

  • It operates on its own to restore continence

  • 92% would undergo the procedure again*5

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About the procedure


The sling procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis and is performed under anesthesia. Small openings are made to access the urethra and the urinary sphincter. The sling is placed under the urethra and tensioned to reposition the urethra and optimize the sphincter’s function. Most patients are continent immediately following the procedure and can resume normal, non-strenuous activities within a few days.2


As with any medical procedure, complications may occur. Some risks include, but are not limited to, device failure, urinary retention, post-operative pain, irritation at the wound site and foreign body response.2

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Find a specialist

Find a urologist who specializes in bladder leakage.


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*Patient satisfaction rates reflect research results with use of the AdVance Male Sling

Your doctor is your best source for information on the risks and benefits of the AdVance™ XP Male Sling System. Talk to your doctor for a complete listing of risks, warnings and important safety information.

The AdVance™ XP Male Sling System is intended for the treatment of male stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Potential risks may include inability to urinate (urinary retention), return to incontinence, infection, erosion, device migration, pelvic organ dysfunction, bleeding, and pain. These devices are contraindicated for patients with urinary tract infections, blood coagulation disorders, a compromised immune system or any other condition that would compromise healing, with renal insufficiency, and upper urinary tract relative obstruction. MH-557011-AB

Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.