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Patient champion: Steve, 49

“Never quit!”

Portrait of patient named John
  • 2 years with the AMS 800™ implant

  • Prostate cancer

  • Married, straight

  • Lives in Arizona, USA

  • Speaks English

Hobbies include:

  • Veteran’s rights advocacy

  • Ironman athlete, triathlon races

  • Professor and CEO

  • Poker 

  • Time with wife, Rima

Steve’s story

It wasn’t until a year after Steve saw his first doctor at his local VA hospital that this his devastating diagnosis was revealed: prostate cancer. Steve had a PSA of 50 and was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer and was given just months to live. After hearing his prognosis, Steve’s training and discipline from his years in the U.S. Army kicked in. Steve’s personal motto of “Never Quit” was on full display while he was fighting the biggest fight of his life during those months of grueling treatment.

Steve had spent almost 20 years in the military and working in criminal justice. He built a support network and he found a team of experts, including Dr. Kevin Bigelow who performed a prostatectomy. Because the cancer had spread, he also needed radiation and chemotherapy. Understanding that both chemotherapy and radiation can wreak havoc on a body, he decided to get into the best shape of his life, believing that physical health would help him in his battle against the cancer.

Steve had used the physical training to keep his mind off his disease, but two years after his treatments ended, Steve developed urinary incontinence from the radiation he received. Steve was no longer able to enjoy the physical activities that had defined his life. He was forced to wear adult diapers, which was both uncomfortable and embarrassing. He went through an average of four adult diapers each day. As devastating as his cancer diagnosis was for him, Steve says his struggle with bladder leakage was worse. He became severely depressed and had suicidal thoughts. Steve struggled for a solution for two years until his doctor told him about the AMS 800™ Artificial Urinary Sphincter.

He received his AMS 800™ Artificial Urinary Sphincter to address his bladder leakage in 2017. His life changed. Steve’s story was highlighted during the signing of the VA Mission Act, which aims to make community-based medical care better for veterans and their families. Still active and now cancer-free, Steve’s current mission is to help veterans, create awareness about prostate cancer treatment and its side effects, and educate men about the treatment options for urinary incontinence.


Incontinence coping strategies used

Adult diapers

Implant recovery process

No complications

Steve shares

Steve describes his AUS as the second-best decision he’s ever made.


Steve’s recent answers

Steve has received hundreds of questions from real people like you. Review Steve’s answers to the most popular questions.

In my experience, the AMS 800™ device absolutely works. It is an amazing product! It is called an “artificial urinary sphincter (AUS)” and I can tell you that it works practically like my “natural” sphincter used to. I choose when to urinate. I am not affiliated with your doctor, and I am not a doctor. I speak to patients about the AUS because having it has changed my life.

This story recounts the experience of a person who is using a Boston Scientific therapy related to his SUI. Boston Scientific invited Steve to share his stories candidly. As you review his accounts, please bear in mind that his experience is specific to him and therapeutic results may not be the same for every patient. Results can vary. We recommend that you talk to your doctor about what treatment is right for you. Steve has declined compensation for his time; he is reimbursed for interstate travel expenses.